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Local connections are the key to finding and buying good deals. Blavesco is always on the look-out for good deals, and have an active co-investment program for single family homes, multi-family apartments and selected distressed and opportunistic real estate deals


Blavesco will consider co-investing with our clients in virtually any type of property. We underwrite our investments employing prudent leverage based on numerous factors, including stability and growth of cash flows, expected future capital requirements, market concentration, competition and overall fixed-charge coverage. We will also consider investments in development-oriented projects where we expect to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns.

Club Deals

Blavesco will participate and lead club deals that offer our partners access to larger investment assets, which are often out of reach for individual investors. Our club deals are done on specific assets, and provide investors the opportunity to take on smaller amounts of exposure to projects further along the risk/return scale than they otherwise may take without becoming involved in the daily details of buying, managing and exiting the property.

Our club deals provide focused returns on specific sectors (residential, commercial, land, etc) along the risk spectrum of yielding, opportunistic, distressed and green-field projects.

Every deal is rigorously examined and must pass detailed due diligence from legal, business, accounting and return parameters.

Asset Repositioning

Properties that are no longer serving their highest and best use due to their physical condition, poor management, or changes in the local demand may benefit from asset repositioning. Such an undertaking may be as simple as minor renovations and upgrades to bring a B grade investment to a B+ or A grade and result in a 50% increase in monthly rental income en route.

Blavesco provides the highest and best use analyses on existing land and buildings, to ensure that our clients’ assets are providing the highest possible returns. We identify, acquire, reposition, and manage these assets for either regular yield or a direct sale uplift in price.